Election Results: DMK Wins 5 Wards In Chennai, Leads In Madurai

#tamil_nadu_election #tamil_nadu_election_commission #tamil_nadu_election_date #tamil_nadu_election_news #tamil_nadu_election_result #tamil_nadu_election_results Tamil Nadu local body election Results: Voting took place peacefully on Saturday amid tight security arrangements in Tamil Nadu. Some sporadic incidents were also reported. Officers provided this information. Tamil Nadu held voting in 38 urban areas. The Tamil Nadu State Election Commission monitored polling stations through web streaming and CCTV cameras, and approximately 1 lakh police personne… https://www.frontnews.in/politics/election-results-dmk-wins-5-wards-in-chennai-leads-in-madurai/?feed_id=1808&_unique_id=62149c26028f0

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