Budget 2022 Should Give Health Sector Top Priority: Survey

#budget_2022 #budget_india #budget_of_india #income_tax_union_budget #nirmala_sitharaman_budget #nirmala_sitharaman_union_budget #union_budget Budget 2022: Indians want the government to give top priority to the health sector in Budget 2022, according to an earlier survey. A majority wanted the government to allocate more funds to the health sector. According to a survey conducted by Local Circles, health should be the top priority. In the survey, 47% of citizens said health should be the government’s primary focus in Budget 2022. If… https://www.frontnews.in/business/budget-2022-should-give-health-sector-top-priority-survey/?feed_id=48&_unique_id=61f9160d24405

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