Amarnath Yatra: Security Forces Concerned Over Sticky Bombs

#amarnath_cave_temple #amarnath_darshan #amarnath_dham #amarnath_ki_yatra #amarnath_temple #amarnath_yatra #amarnath_yatra_2021_opening_date #amarnath_yatra_2022 #amarnath_yatra_latest_news #amarnath_yatra_news #amarnath_yatra_registration #shri_amarnath_yatra Amarnath Yatra: With the Amarnath Yatra around the corner, security forces in Jammu and Kashmir are concerned over terrorist groups possessing “sticky bombs” — explosives that can be attached to vehicles and detonated remotely — and are reshaping their standard operating procedure for the pilgrimage, officials said on Sunday. In their view, interrogation of arrested terrorists and their symp…

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